Lawyers for Economic Advancement and Development

Lex:lead Directors:

Ms Anne Bodley
 (Australia), President/Founder.
Formerly with Allen & Overy and the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Arusha, London UK.

Mr Rudolf Ezeani (Nigeria), First Vice President and Founding Member. Principal with Rudy Ezeani & Co., Lagos, Nigeria.

Ms Yevgenya Muchnik* (USA/Russia), Vice President and Founding Member, General Counsel and Company Secretary to a technology company, Washington DC.

 Mr Lakwame Anyane-Yeboa* (USA/Ghana), Vice President elected January 2015, US Federal Government in Washington DC.

Ms Lemlem Fiseha Minale (Ethiopia), Vice President elected March 2018, Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Addis Ababa University School of Law, Addis Ababa Ethiopia.


 Ms Daniella Isaacson (USA), Treasurer. A graduate of Cardozo Law, Senior Legal Analyst with ALM Legal Intelligence, New York, USA.

Ms Rachael Kaminski (USA), Deputy Treasurer. University of Miami graduate and New York lawyer with Hawkins, Delafield & Wood.

Ms Mankah Fombang (Cameroon), Senior Group Secretary. Formerly UN Int'l Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Pan-African Lawyers' Union, Arusha, Tanzania.

Mr Sipho Limbe (Malawi), Deputy Group Secretary. Formerly UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and Tumaini University in Usa River, Tanzania.

Senior Advisory Board:

The Honourable Dame Linda Dobbs DBE QC (UK) (2013): Lex:lead Patron, former UK High Court judge with a family connection to Sierra Leone.

Chief Charles Taku (Cameroon) (2010), International human rights lawyer including with the International Criminal Court, one of our most long-standing judges.

Mr Gunter Fischer
 (Germany) (2016), Formerly with the UN Conference on Trade and Development, Geneva, Switzerland; Lex:lead judge in 2015.

Ms Violet Odala (Malawi) (2016), formerly with Save the Children and a Lex:lead judge for several years; PhD candidate at the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Advisory Board:

• Dr Theodora Christou* (UK/Cyprus), LondonUK
• Dr Sabine Midderhoff
 (Germany) (2011), GIZ, Zambia
 Ms Zara Watkins
 (USA), Cyberlaw Studio, New York 
 Ms Chioma Ayogu*
 (USA/Nigeria), Washington DC
 Ms Olufunso (Funsho) Fred-Omojole* 
(UK), New York
• Mr Matthew Weldon (USA), K&L Gates, New York, USA
 Ms Graciela (Guetty) Da Cruz
 (Timor-Leste), DiliTimor-Leste
 Ms Emina Hadzic
 (USA), New York, USA
 Mr Francis Sinsai* (Cameroon), The Hague, Netherlands

 Ms Narges Shariati* (Iran), TehranIran
 Ms Yvette Dzakpasu (Ghana/UK), LondonUK 
 Ms Haja Brimah (UK), LondonUK 

*Compliance Committee 2017

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The group welcomes applications to join its work, typically through appointments to its advisory board. To join us complete the attached form and email it to us at lexlead@yahoo.com.  Thank you!
Download here: Lex:lead Membership Application Forms

About Lex:lead

Lex:lead was founded in 2010 to continue the work of the Global Challenge, a group that had formed in 2001 under the International Bar Association to bring lawyers worldwide to the issue of development focusing on the least developed countries. Joining the Global Challenge in 2005, Anne was named its director. With the founding members, in 2010 she set up Lex:lead as a New York Not-for-Profit and registered charity with US Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

Contact us

To join our mailing list or address any questions to us, contact:

302A W12 Street, No 280
New York, New York 10014, USA

Old address
 (expired 24 March 2015):
676A Ninth Avenue No 109
New York, New York 10036, USA

London address

95 Wilton Road No 364
London SW1V 1BZ, UK

The Global Challenge
 can be reached at:
Email: theglobalchallenge@yahoo.com

Lex:lead Newsletters:

December 2010:
End-of-year newsletter
December 2011: End-of-year newsletter
December 2012: End-of-year newsletter
December 2013: End-of-year newsletter
December 2014: End-of-year newsletter (bumper issue!)
December 2015: End-of-year newsletter (winner profiles!)
December 2016: End-of-year newsletter
December 2017: End-of-year newsletter (new!)

Other publications:

May 2016: 2014 Scholarship Winner Bereket Alemayehu Hagos, Is
  ADR a Knell for Litigation in Africa?
 International Bar Association
September 2016: Lex:lead: Foundation Funding Launches Annual
  Scholarship Competition
International Bar Association Foundation
September 2017: Charity: Changing Legal Lives, Law Society Gazette
July 2018: Africa, American Bar Association Year in Review, p 505.

Some other programs we want to tell you about:

1. International Lawyers for Africa, 
2. International Law Book Facility, www.ilbf.org.uk
3. Inherit Your Rightswww.inherityourrights.org
4. The Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (www.globalforumljd.org) (we're a member)

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